Willkommen in einer Sammlung von Art Brut und Aussenseiterkunst!


Aconcha Santz


Today I am featuring an artist recently discovered from an article regarding outsider folk art. His name is Bob Hoke and I love the energy, colors and composition of his pieces. I am a collector of all that is "outsider art" and I was so excited to recently receive three of his pieces. He lives a very simple life in Hannibal, Missouri and sells his paintings in galleries all over the country and on ebay. His art has a sense of humor and is extremely affordable....for now. His work can be found on ebay and he also shows up on google searches easily when queried as "Bob Hoke outsider art." Outsider art not your cup of tea? No problem....it just leaves more for me! Then try 20x200.com, dailypainters.com, and etsy.com to get started If you have a keen scent for art, you may be lucky to notice sometimes a very talented artists, who are so modest and unpretentious, that they are living as a simple people and selling their masterpieces as if it is just a bread ot or pair of boots. But one day somebody pay them 1000 times more for one of their piece, and they become really expensive, day by day since that time. It’s like a dream. History knows lots of examples. Until then one have a chance to invest in his own future wealth, buying their art on the simple ebay auction or by personal request. Here is a guy like that, which was recongized by me – his name is Bob Hoke.

Bob Hoke says: I’m a bohemian dumpster divin outsider artist/painter. Aint got a lot of formal training. Been painting on and off most of my life. For the last 10 years I have been displaying my paintings on ebay. I paint approximately 30 to 40 paintings a month. Nothing the same but a common thread of chaos and humor. I live in an old church (1925) in downtown historic Hannibal, Missouri along the vast Mississippi river. I sleep and eat downstairs and paint upstairs

I'm very happy to be in your fantastic collection! (bob) hoke


Bob HokeleerUSA-Outsider Video